Our Curriculum

Le Grand International School succinctly aims at providing child-centered approach towards education. At LGIS, we believe that learning starts from the child inside-out rather than the curriculum outside-in. And so the starting point is looking at the child and what he needs and then building the curriculum outward from there. In other words, the curriculum spells out not only what teachers are to teach and students are to learn, but also What, When and How this has to take place.

Le Grand International School

At Le Grand International School, Dehradun both curricular and co-curricular activities are given equal importance thus creating awareness in students and providing them with hands-on learning experiences that they can apply to real-life situations. The LGIS Shikshaks act as facilitators for the students and guide them in their learning process through activities, audio-visual stimuli, projects and presentations. With the help of parents, the facilitators collaborate on the development of a curriculum that will instill character and positive behaviour in students right from the beginning of the school.

Pre-Primary School

Kindergarten is the first structured learning experience for the student with groups of children under the guidance of LGIS Shikshaks.

The curriculum for Pre Primary - Nursery and KG, would be play-based and child-centered recognizing the students' multiple intelligences and encouraging creative thinking. A day at the Pre Primary would involve wondertime, both indoors and outdoors, and structured time. Indoor free play would be based around a series of activities such as Dramatic Play, Sensorial Learning, Choice Time Activities, Role Play, Art and Discovery Hour/Wonder Time.

Le Grand International School

Primary School

Primary School covers a period of five years - Class I to V, during which the basic skills in all subjects are further enhanced and higher level skills are introduced to challenge students and stimulate their curiosity. Primary School curriculum focuses on the spirit of exploration and acquiring sound language skills, clarity of Mathematical calculations and understanding of scientific concepts.

Learning is enriched by a number of activities like Drama, Story Telling, Poetry, Music, Computers, Discussions and a wide range of artistic and hands on activities.

Le Grand International School